“I wanted to copy nature, I could not.  But I was satisfied
when I discovered the sun, for instance, could not be
reproduced, but only represented by something else"

Paul Cezanne


Fiona O'Farrell, Brussels, Belgium
Instagram: @FOF-Art

Fiona was born in Dublin, Ireland and has been passionate about painting since childhood. Having travelled extensively, she settled in Belgium and has continued to evolve and develop her techniques. She is currently attending the Art Academy Beeldende Kunsten Overijse (BKO), Belgium in the drawing department.

“My work is an ongoing process of research, both technical and emotional. I love life and people and I try to import these feelings into my works, which are stimulated by my passion for art.”

Fiona is in Ierland geboren en is sinds haar kinderjaren door kunst geboeid. Na uitgebreid reizen, ze woont in Belgie waar ze haar technieken verder ontwikkelt. Ze studeert tekenkunst in the Beeldende Kunsten Overijse (BKO) Academie in Overijse.

Fiona est née à Dublin en Irlande et est passionnée de peinture depuis son plus jeune âge.  Apres avoir beaucoup voyagé, elle s’est installée en Belgique et a continué de développer ses techniques. Elle suit actuellement des cours de dessin à l’académie d’art Beeldende Kunsten Overijse (BKO).

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